IoThon 2018: IoT, blockchain, and ICN. (past edition)

IoThon is Europe’s first research-oriented open source IoT hackathon, taking place in Janunary 18–19, 2018 in Berlin, at Einstein Center Digital Future, Wilhelmstraße 67, 10117 Berlin.

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Judging Criteria

  • Overall coolness and awe
    We will evaluate how novel and awesome your idea and its implementation are. It pays to be bold and go beyond the box.
  • Topicality
    How much your idea or solution applies IoT, blockchain, and/or ICN technologies in a novel and previously unseen way.
  • Quality
    Quality of the code and other solution components produced during the hackathon, based on the subjective evaluation of the judges.
  • Open source
    How much you contribute to open source. We encourage you to have one or more github repositories, which may be forks of existing repositories. In the case of forks, we need to be able to see clearly what you have done during the hackathon.